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One For All is a rare Quirk with a rarity of 1/100. It is currently possessed by its ninth and most recent host, Izuku Midoriya. One for All's moveset revolves around storing energy into body parts and releasing it.


Move Name Level Price Description
Delaware Smash 15 $1,000 The user charges One for All into their finger and flick, causing a sharp air blast that goes a far distance along with dealing good damage.
Leap 25 $1,500 After a quick charge of One for All, the user launches themself (and whoever is nearby) forward with a shockwave that flings and ragdolls those near the attack.
Manchester Smash 35 $2,000 The user charges One for All into their leg and swipe it at the ground, causing a shockwave and intense damage to whomever may be at the receiving end of the move.
Detroit Smash 48 $3,000 One for All is charged into this all out attack, dealing big damage with wide Area of effect, but at the cost of wind up time.
Full Cowling 75 $10,000 The user charges their quirk throughout their body at a low percentage, allowing them to use all of their previous moves more effectively along with higher damage.



  • This is one of the few Quirks that can be transmitted to others (Manga/Anime only).
  • The most famous user of this quirk is Toshinori Yagi, commonly known as All Might.
  • Manchester Smash in game is actually quite different from the manga/anime. in this game you swipe your leg. Meanwhile Izuku does a front flip followed with an axe kick.
  • Izuku's relative inexperience with this Quirk is due to his lack of experience wielding Quirks as he was born Quirkless.